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The MESA Center
The MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) Center in Room T206 is where students can go to learn the steps they can take to achieve academic success.  The Center's Learning Associates, Faculty Mentors, and workshops are just some of tne invaluable resources available to students.
As one student claims:  "The center is one large study group that has made a drastic difference in my grade and my understanding of the course.  I finally have found that community at ECC, where I can meet and work with students in my field."

 What is MESA?

MESA is a nationally recognized academic preparation program that assists educationally disadvantage students to excel in math and science, so they attain baccalaureate degrees in math-based fields.  Founded in 1970 in California, the program now serves pre-college, community college and university students throughout the nation.  MESA works closely with industry, higher education institutions, and state departments of education, school districts, and individual schools.  MESA is funded by state legislature, industry contributions and federal, state and private grants.  MESA’s rigorous academic preparation include individual academic planning, Academic Excellence Workshops, study skills training, peer group learning, math and science enrichment classes, career exploration and parent involvement.

In 2004, a nationwide initiative was launched by MESA USA (a partnership of eight statewide programs, based on the California MESA model) and Hewlett-Packard Company.  This initiative, entitled "Diversity in Engineering" (HP-MESA DivE), sought to replicate the California MESA community college model on a national basis.  Eight community college campuses and one university from eight states were selected to establish pilot programs that support low-income, underrepresented students to attain high-tech degrees.  The campuses were chosen after undergoing an extensive five-month selection process.  The selected institutions were Essex County College (Newark, NJ), Chicago State University (Chicago, IL), Darton College (Albany, GA), Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA) Niagara County Community College (Sanborn, NY), Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute (Albuquerque, NM), and Tallahassee Community College (Tallahassee, FL).


To learn more about MESA and the HP-MESA Diversity in Engineering initiative, please visit